Week of December 9, 2012


The workshop on prayer on December 1st was a wonderful experience for those who attended.  Fr. Steve Yavorsky did a beautiful job in leading us in prayer and encouraging us to form a prayerful relationship with our God.  In today’s Gospel we are told by John the Baptist to prepare the way of the Lord.  Fr. Steve gave us a prayer that speaks to how we can prepare the way of the Lord.

Jesus, make us still.

Jesus, still our minds, still our hearts.  Jesus still our desires, still our fears.

Jesus, quiet the voices of our competing inner demands.

Quiet our envies, our angers; quiet our judgments, our stubbornness.

Jesus, ease our regrets, heal our wounds, comfort our sadness, receive  our longing.

Jesus, make us still, in you.  Rule our hearts with your peace.

Jesus, when we bow down before you as the Christ-child, we know it is really you the risen Lord whom we are seeing.

But you show yourself to us in all the moments of your life since only in this way can we come to know all of you.

Jesus, this season we experience your greatness in your smallness,

Your strength in your vulnerability.

Who can be afraid of a king who just needs to be held close and kept warm?

Like the shepherds we are drawn to you; like the wise men we lay our lives at your feet.

Even from the crib, as from the cross, you draw all people to yourself.

Jesus, we make ourselves silent.  We bow to you in our hearts.

Be the gift we have always wanted.

Our parish Reconciliation Service is Monday, December 10th, at 7:00 p.m.  It is a good way to prepare the way of the Lord.  Reconciliation Services offered in our deanery this coming week:  Presentation, Sunday, Dec. 16th at 7:00 p.m.

We have a new sound system in the A/B Room.  Saturday’s presentation was our first opportunity to use it and it is a good addition to the room.  Money from Scrip and our Quilters Group paid for the sound system.


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