Week of March 31, 2013

Have you ever had something happen in your life when you knew you were never going to be the same? In one of my homilies a few weeks ago I shared the story of a dying father who told me how grateful he was for his adopted children. They changed his life. He was never the same again. Their presence in his life made him more giving, more loving, more grateful.

The story of the resurrection tells us stories of people who were never the same again. As they come to grips with the astonishing news that Christ is risen, they are changed forever. In her reflection on today’s feast Sr. Mary McGlone comments:

Mary moves from dark mourning to being the first person to announce the resurrection. Peter’s increasing faith converted him from being a klutzy seeker of status to a man who knew that he had been chosen and sent and that any power he exercised came from God through little or no merit of his own. Like Peter, Paul realized what the community at Colossae did not: His whole identity sprang from his relationship with Christ, with whom he had died and risen, thereby freeing him from undue anxiety about anything at all.

Today’s readings invite us to assess where we are in the journey of faith. It is good to remember that there is no bad place to be, and no place from which it is impossible to advance further. The more we can set our hearts on what is above, the more we can become faithful apostles. With the grace of God we can be people whose faith opens us to receive the power to carry on Christ’s mission and the courage to understand everything, including life and death, from the perspective of One sitting at the right hand of the Father, the One who continues the work of creation and always acts as a just and merciful judge. (Celebration)

How does Jesus’ death and resurrection change our lives? How does this mystery of our faith move us to a deeper love, a deeper gratitude, a deeper giving?

It is good to have so many here to celebrate this tremendous love of God. I pray that you will come to know that love in deeper ways in your life.

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