Week of August 18, 2013

I received the following letter from Christian Foundation for Children and Aging.

On behalf of Christian Foundation for Children and Aging (CFCA) thank you very much for welcoming Rev. Joseph Uecker C.PP.S. Our hearts are full of gratitude for the generosity you and your parishioners have shown to the children, youth and aging in CFCA’s sponsorship program. Through your willingness to participate with CFCA, your parish community has taken steps toward a closer walk with Jesus in the name of the poor.

Relationships are the heart of sponsorship. We pray that members of your parish community who answered the call to sponsor a child, youth or aging person will be enriched by the experience. Your parish as a whole will be enriched, too, as parishioners share with others what it means to be in solidarity with someone from a developing country. For it is not only what they give, but what they will receive that opens their hearts to continued renewal.

Fr. Uecker also sent me a note thanking me for our hospitality. He said 51 people agreed to sponsor someone. He asked me to thank you for your generosity.

I also received a thank you from Lee’s Summit Social Services for the $1,019 we sent them. A short note said, “Your support makes it possible to do the needed projects and services for the community. We thank you for your generous help. We appreciate your continued thoughtfulness.” This money came from the proceeds of our St. Joseph’s Table. An equal amount was also given to the Heifer Project we do during Lent.

It was also good to see a number of our parishioners helping with Social Services back to school effort. They provide shoes, some clothing, and school material for children in need. I was able to help one morning and I was struck by the children’s appreciation for what they received. Lee’s Summit Social Services does a great job for people in our city.

Thanks also to people who returned back packs and books for children at Great Beginnings Childhood Center who come from less fortunate families.

This is the weekend to return the Knights of Columbus baby bottles…filled with money, of course. This money will be used to buy ultrasound machines for approved pregnancy centers across the state.

We are looking for someone to coordinate the St. James food kitchen volunteers. Once a month volunteers from our parish go down to St. James to serve dinner and clean up after. The Josten’s have been coordinating this for us, but they need to take a break from it because of other family responsibilities. If you are willing to take this on please call the parish office.

The parish golf tournament seemed to be a big success. They had a beautiful day for it. Many people helped to make it a success. I am grateful to all of them.

There are many ways we reach out as a community to the larger community. It is our call. Thanks for making all of the above possible.

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