Week of November 17, 2013

There are a few things coming up that I want to call your attention to. They are not necessarily listed in chronological order. It is more in the order as they come to mind. You will find information about these things in this bulletin.

On Saturday, Nov. 30th we are having a Morning of Reflection from 9:00 – Noon. Fr. Steve Yavorsky, SJ from the Ignatian Spirituality Center will be leading this morning of reflection. He came last year and gave a similar offering that was very well received. It is a good way to kick off the season of Advent. It is a busy time of the year for us and after our Thanksgiving celebrating it will be good to take some time to pause and reflect on what the Advent/Christmas season is about.

Soon the Giving Trees will be put up. Once again you are asked to take a tag from the tree, buy the gift listed on the tag, and return the gift and tag to church.

Paper bags will be available after mass for you to take home, put food in them and return them to church for our Mass of Thanksgiving on Tuesday, Nov. 26 at 7:00 p.m. The food collected will go to Lee’s Summit Social Services. Please note that our children took time to decorate the paper bags for us. If you are not able to come to our Mass of Thanksgiving you can bring them next weekend or the weekend after Thanksgiving.

The Ministerial Alliance is having its annual Thanksgiving Service on Sunday, Nov. 24th, at 6:00 p.m. at St. Ann Episcopal Church.

Next weekend we have a second collection. Normally these second
collections are taken up for the larger church. This particular one is taken up to help cover the cost of educating seminarians who are studying for our diocese.

There will be a special collection to assist the victims of the recent Typhoon in the Philippines and Vietnam.  This collection will take place the weekend of November 30/December 1. The money raised will go to Catholic Relief Services.

Our Scripture readings at mass during this time of the year remind us of the end of time when Jesus will come again. Interestingly we are not reminded of Jesus’ Second Coming so that our focus will be there, but that it will affect how we live now. The Gospel of Luke speaks of the persecution people were facing when the gospel was written. The persecution became an opportunity for those early Christians to give testimony to their belief.

We believe that Christ will come again. In the meantime, how are we giving testimony to our faith? All of those things mentioned above are ways that we do give testimony. In a time when things are very busy, we give testimony by pausing and reflecting on what we should be about. In a time when we are looking for gifts for those we love, it is a testimony when we reach out to those who don’t have much. In a time when our focus can be on the next thing we want, it is a testimony to take time to be grateful for all that we already have.

What is the testimony that you will give today?

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