Week of February 16, 2014


Last week the Gospel called for us to be light for others.  I want to thank parishioners for being light.  I see it in so many ways.  I am going to name only a few.

People approached our music director, Tom Kodera, about having a choir at the 8:30 Sunday mass.  Tom was open to the idea and scheduled a first rehearsal.  He was blown away when 28 people showed up for the practice.  What a nice addition the choir has been to our Sunday worship.

After our recent snow a parishioner came over with his snow blower and cleared my drive.  Then he went over to my neighbor’s drive and cleared it.  Some kids came out to clear their drive and he went over and helped them too.

Last summer five of our youth went on a mission trip to Colorado.  Then in August a group went to Springfield to attend the Steubenville Conference.  In November a group attended the National Catholic Youth Conference.  When they come back from these events you can see the light in their often tired eyes.  They come back excited about their faith.

Last Saturday we had our Trivia Night.  People have such a good time.  The parishioners who put this event on do such a wonderful job of putting it all together.  We who come to share the fun of the evening don’t realize all of the work involved but we are grateful for the light that we experience.

Ann Hayles leads a bible study on Monday afternoon (I think it is every other week).  It is good to see people come out excited about what they have learned and how it makes their faith grow.

The environment team did such a great job of decorating the church for Christmas.  They had different cloth draped in church this year.  You have no idea how much work it takes to get that hung in a way that looks good.  You have no idea how much they worried whether the cloth was the right color.

Our CFP kids have been doing different service projects through the year.  It is amazing to see their excitement and creativity in helping others.

33 families were helped at Christmas and hundreds of gifts were delivered to Lee’s Summit Social Services.

Our Knights of Columbus and Ladies Auxiliary do an amazing amount of giving to our parish and community.

There are many different ways light is shown in our parish and by our parish.  I am grateful to everyone who helps to make this happen.

You will soon be receiving a letter from me asking you to make a financial pledge to your parish.  Your generosity helps us to keep the lights burning and also helps us to be light for others.  As you are well aware, expenses continue to increase.  Heating bills and costs of keeping the parking lot cleared are two examples of those increases.  If you are able, consider an increase in your giving to our parish.  Whatever you can do is much appreciated.

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