Week of March 16, 2014


The week I left for vacation we received a cd from Bishop Finn regarding the Forward in Faith Campaign. The message was not played at masses, but there is a written copy of what the bishop said in last week’s Catholic Key. I am including a few excerpts from his message.

“The Forward in Faith Campaign will infuse greatly needed
funds to boost Catholic education and formation ministries
all across our diocese.

The campaign objectives are:
to provide financial support for your parish needs,
to fund Parish Schools of Religion, to provide support for St. Pius X and
Bishop LeBlond High Schools, to provide educational assistance to families
in need through the ‘Bright Futures Fund’, and to provide for the
construction of St. Michael the archangel High School in Jackson County.
In addition we folded the Bishop’s Annual Appeal into the Forward in
Faith Campaign for 2013 and 2014.

The centerpiece of the Forward in Faith Campaign is the new St. Michael the
Archangel High School. The central location of St. Michael’s in Jackson County
will allow for the greatest number of students to attend this first-class diocesan
high school: a school which is academically excellent, financially accessible, and
thoroughly Catholic. We want to provide extraordinary opportunities for all
students everyday.

We have gifts and pledges for about one third of our overall goal so far.
For our part, at the diocese, we need better communications to you all and I
apologize for our shortcomings in this area. I have asked that each parish be
provided with a chart to be kept on display in your churches so you can see your
own progress toward your goal and inspire others to make that sacrificial gift.
By the way, all monies given to this Campaign reside in the Catholic Community
Foundation under separate corporate title and will be used strictly in conformity
with the laws and ethics of donor intent.

Dear friends, Think about your own personal faith story. How did you learn
about and come to know Jesus Christ? Where did you receive the sacraments
and from whom did you learn about living a moral life, and reaching out in
assistance to the poor?

I want you to reflect on that as you decide what your gift will be to Forward in
Faith. How do you want to contribute to the Catholic education of others;
especially the Catholic formation of our children? I hope you will see and decide
that Forward in Faith is a good work of the Church. For generations to come, it
will provide benefit to so many people who need to know Jesus Christ and the
meaning of their Catholic faith.

Will you help us? Make a real, substantive gift. Make a personal commitment to
be part of the Church’s mission for Catholic education. Make a sacrificial gift to
Forward in Faith.”

Again the full transcript of Bishop Finn’s talk is in the Catholic Key. The charts the
bishop was talking about are in the narthex of the church, one located on the kiosk
by the front doors and the other on the kiosk as you leave the church on the north

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