Week of June 29, 2014


Last Monday we had a group that came to learn more about our Pastoral Council and to consider being part of the Council for the next three years. It was a good group of people and I am grateful for their response. I have also heard from a number of people who are interested, but weren’t able to make Monday’s meeting. I appreciate the people who are willing to give of their time and talent to our parish. We are blessed. This Monday we will be going through a discernment process to select members for our Council. Please keep us in prayer as we go through this selection process.

Last Saturday a group of 11 people spread mulch around the vinca that was previously planted on the north berm of the drive into church. It looks really good. Mulch needs to be spread around the vinca on the south berm. I am not exactly sure when this will be done, but I think it will be done soon. As you well know many hands make light work. Keep your eyes open to a request for help and see if you can give some time to this effort.

As I think about the berms and how they are looking better, I remember seeing the person who cares for the plants in the pots at the doors of the church. They are beautiful.

Then there were all of the people who helped make our garage sale a success. I am amazed at the effort that goes into this sale. I am grateful to everyone who brought items for the sale. Thanks to everyone who bought treasures. Money raised will go to different activities for our youth.

Next Friday is the Fourth of July. There will be mass in the morning at 8:00. The office will be closed that day.

In the Gospel of Matthew today we hear Jesus’ question, “Who do you say that I am?” At the meeting Monday night for potential new Pastoral Council people I told them that this is an important question for our Council. Who do we as a parish say Jesus is? Every day we are answering that question because we are the body of Christ. Does our answer speak clearly who Christ is to others? Can they see it in our love, in our forgiveness, in our sacrifices?

I hope you have a great Fourth of July holiday.

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