Week of April 5, 2015


Welcome to all who are visiting us today. It is good to gather with you in prayer. My hope is that you always feel welcomed here and will come and join us again and often.

In an article in Celebration Pat Marin writes that there are four lessons we can learn about life from Easter.

  • First, we learn that Easter faith is harder alone than in community. The first step toward the promise of resurrection occurs when we enter webs of relationships that enrich our small stories with the stories of others…Variety can make the beatitudes seem normal, the corporal works of mercy into everyday routines. Christ slips in wherever need is exposed and compassion responds.
  • Second, we learn that resurrection, like crucifixion, happens all the time, but in small, manageable patterns of life that teach us generosity and patience.
  • Third, we learn that some realities are so shocking they are best
    handled indirectly with rituals and symbols. Death is one of them.
  • Finally, we learn that FDR was right: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” The Resurrection is not about protecting us from death, but freeing us from the fear of death. The greatest obstacle to an active Christian life is to limit ourselves because we are afraid…We honor as saints people who lived fearlessly, large and deep. We should also
    imitate them.

“Blessed are Easter people – those who dare to live, who act courageously on behalf of truth and justice, and who risk everything to follow their dreams. Timid Christians have done more to postpone the coming of God’s reign in the world than any enemy of the church. Resurrection is less about reassuring us of heaven after death than about freeing us to live now without fear. This is the joyful compelling message of Easter.

A couple of things coming up this week I want to call you attention to:

  • Next Saturday, April 11th, there is a Work Day scheduled to take care of our grounds. Any and all help is appreciated. The day usually starts about 8:00 a.m., but you are welcome anytime Saturday morning.
  • Tuesday, April 7th, is an opportunity for us to vote. One of the issues in Lee’s Summit we are asked to consider is a No Tax Increase Bond Issue for R-7 School District. You can find more information about this issue at www.SmarterTomorrows.org. Having strong schools is good for our community. Taking our responsibility in voting seriously is good for us.
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