We had our discernment for new Pastoral Council members this month. I want to thank everyone who came the first week to learn more about what the Council does and for those who came for the discernment the following week to determine who would serve on the Council for the next three years. Our new members are: Brian  Danaher, Alison Pate, and Jamie Logan.

Thanks also to those who have served the past three years and will be going off of the Pastoral Council: Charlotte Berndt, Lenore Kinman, and Brigeete Kurtenbach. They have served our parish well and I am grateful for their service. I am also grateful for the other ways they give of their time and talent to the parish. Charlotte is a member of our Adult Faith Formation Committee and a Eucharistic Minister. Lenore is on the Ladies Auxiliary Committee, is one of the quilters, and a lector at Sunday mass. Brigeete is our new Youth Coordinator for the parish.

This past year the Pastoral Council has been looking at how we foster a sense of belonging in the parish. Working with the different committees and organizations in the parish the Council has worked to continue to create a place in which people feel at home, a place where we know there is a deep connection between our faith in Jesus Christ and our daily life, and where everyone understands they have an important role in the life of our parish.

Some cars have been broken into recently in our parking lot. One happened during the 8:30 a.m. mass. Another happened on a Saturday morning when we had our work day and people were preparing for the garage sale. In both cases purses were taken from the cars. I bring this to your attention so you will take care when you leave items in your car.

People have asked me if I had any idea when we would have a new bishop and I don’t. It is important that we pray for the person who will become our new bishop. Below is a prayer from the Roman Missal that you can pray for our new bishop. A prayer that comes from your heart is always a good thing, too.

O God, eternal shepherd,

who govern your flock with unfailing care,

grant in your boundless fatherly love

a pastor for your Church

who will please you by his holiness

and to us show watchful care.

Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,

who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,

one God, for ever and ever.

As I mentioned in last week’s bulletin I will be gone this week to a conference for priests. I will have mass Monday morning and Friday morning. Wednesday there will be a Communion Service instead of mass. Don’t forget that the office will be closed Friday, July 3rd. I hope everyone has a good Fourth of July.

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