Week of July 19, 2015



The Parish Pastoral Council has been working the past year on how we foster a sense of belonging in our parish. They have met with the different committees and groups in our parish to see what is being done and how we can continue to develop this sense of belonging. The Council asks all parishioners to help in creating a place in which people feel at home, a place where we know there is a deep connection between our faith in Jesus Christ and our daily life, and where everyone understands they have an important role in the life of our parish. The prayer below speaks of the ways we are called to create this place of belonging.

Loving God, we come to you as a community that seeks to be a place where people of all ages continue to be transformed by you. We crave to be known; we yearn to have a place; it matters that we matter.

We belong to you, Lord, we belong to the family of God. We are named, we are loved. There is room for all of us. We are part of the temple in which God is quite at home.

May we be the ones who hold hands, hold faces, and hold the doors open for others.

May your guidance help us to grow as a transformed community and to recognize the power of this for each of us and for our parish.

May we be people of the Gospel. May we be those disciples who are parables of hope for each other and our world. And may we remember that the truth we are prophesying is the truth of the Gospel: love will win.

Lord show us how to foster belonging, to create a spirit where everyone can feel welcomed, loved, forgiven, and encouraged to live the good life of the Gospel.

Draw near to us, Sending One, Gathering One. Show us how to gather. Show us how to send. Show us how to love as you have loved us.


Soon we will be praying this prayer before the start of masses.

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