Week of September 20, 2015


Well, there has been much news in our Church this past week. As I write my column for the bulletin I have received word that we have a new bishop – Bishop James Johnston. From the bio the chancery sent us I can tell you that he was born Oct. 16, 1959 (These bishops keep getting younger and younger or maybe it’s that I’m getting older and older). He was ordained a priest in 1990 for the Diocese of Knoxville. In 2008 he was ordained the 6th bishop of the Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau. He will be installed as our bishop on November 4th. That is the most I can tell you about our new bishop at this time. He comes to us when we are in need of healing. Join me in praying for him as he takes on the task of being our bishop.

The other news is our Pope is coming to the United States. He arrives on September 23rd and departs September 27th. Below are some of the places he will be visiting when he comes. I am sure there will be good press coverage for his visit. I hope you will be able to watch some of it. It would be a good time to join with others to watch part of it. I am particularly interested in the address he will be giving to our Congress. I know of a few of our parishioners who are joining the bus caravan that will be leaving our diocese to go to Philadelphia. We pray for their safe journey and for the safety of all who celebrate the visit of Pope Francis.

Pope’s visit:

Washington DC

9/23 9:15 Visit to the White House

11:30 Midday prayer with bishops at St. Matthew Cathedral

4:15 National Shrine

9/24 9:15 Address to joint meeting of Congress

New York

9/25 8:30 UN

11:30 9/11 Memorial

4:00 School in East Harlem

6:00 Mass – MSG


9/26 10:30 Mass at Cathedral

4:45 Independence Mall

9/27 9:15 Meeting with bishops

11:00 Correctional Facility

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