Week of June 12, 2016


Today’s scripture speaks to us about God’s loving forgiveness.  David experienced the depth of God’s love, as is illustrated in today’s first reading.  The author of Samuel tells of David’s scheme to have Bathsheba, the wife of Uriah, for his own.  When confronted by Nathan, David admitted his sin and was forgiven.  His example speaks to us all.  How difficult it is to be confronted with our own sin.  How humiliating it is to admit our guilt.  But, this David did, and so must we listen to the Nathans whom God send our way to call us to repent and believe the good news of God’s forgiveness.

Over the past year our diocese has been having healing services in different parishes.  It is the recognition of how we need forgiveness and reconciliation.  Our diocese, much like David, has been confronted with our sin and is admitting our guilt for the ways we failed to handle cases of sex abuse appropriately.  This month there is a closing prayer, a Service of Lament that is being held for everyone in our diocese.  Below are some of the details:

What is it:  a prayer service for supporting one another in healing broken hearts, burdens of pain and promises of grace

Who:  every member of this diocese and all people of this community at large are invited to the Service of Lament…for the ripple effects of sexual abuse impacts all members of the Body of Christ

When:  June 26th at 2pm

Where:  Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, 416 W 12th Street, KC MO.  FREE PARKING will be available at DST parking garage on the corner of 12th & Broadway

Why:  the wounds of sexual abuse inflicted by persons in the Church are real in our community; it is our hope to open more paths to healing. Together we can turn to God with our sorrows, burdens and hopes, knowing that the most important healing comes about with the help of God’s grace.

Bishop Johnston has been working to create a healing vision and will share an outline of his plan at the service.

For our Summer Gatherings this year (July 25, 26, & 27) Fr. Jim Healy is coming to speak the first two evenings to us about our Sacrament of Reconciliation and how that Sacrament has changed over the years.  Amy Johnson (a parishioner) is going to present the last evening.  Amy will be helping us look at our need for reconciliation and forgiveness with the people in our lives.  Both Fr. Healy and Amy are good presenters.  It will be worth your time.

This time of year we are looking to select new members for our Pastoral Council.  We go through a discernment process to make these selections.  If you are interested in serving on the Pastoral Council, there is a meeting on Monday night, June 13th, at 7:00 p.m. in the A/B meeting room.  At this meeting members of the Pastoral Council will let you know what the Council is about.  There is a follow up meeting on June 20th when we will discern the members to serve on the Council for the next three years.

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