Monthly Archives: July 2016

Week of July 31, 2016

Below is an excerpt from a reflection done by Fr. Roger Karban in Celebration. Scripture scholars frequently remind us that there’s not a lot of content in our earliest Christian writings.  Our sacred authors were less concerned with giving us stuff to memorize and more about showing us someone to imitate:  Jesus of Nazareth.  They […]

Week of July 24, 2016

This week I am planning on taking some time off to attend a family gathering.  I will be gone after the Wednesday mass (July 27th) through Tuesday (August 2nd).  This coming weekend (July 30 – 31) Fr. Tom Cusack, a Columban missionary, will cover the masses and make an appeal for the Columban Missions.  Fr. […]

Week of July 17, 2016

here was a priest who said that one of the first people who came to him for advice when he was ordained was an old lady who said, “Father, I have been praying almost unceasingly for fourteen years, and I have never had any sense of God’s presence.” “Did you give God a chance to […]