Week of July 17, 2016


here was a priest who said that one of the first people who came to him for advice when he was ordained was an old lady who said, “Father, I have been praying almost unceasingly for fourteen years, and I have never had any sense of God’s presence.”

“Did you give God a chance to put in a word?” the priest asked.

“Oh, well,” she said, “no, I have been talking to him all this time.  Is that not what prayer is?”

“No,” he said.  “I don’t think so.  Now what I suggest is that you should set apart fifteen minutes a day, and just sit before the face of God.”

And so she did.  What was the result?  Quite soon she came once again and said, “It’s extraordinary, when I pray to God, in other words when I talk to him, I feel nothing.  But when I sit quietly, face to face with him, I feel wrapped in his presence.”

Ultimately prayer is not about words but about communion with God.  Prayer is resting in the presence of God.  It’s more a question of staying quiet in his presence than of saying prayers.


Lord, I place myself in your presence.

After the strain and turmoil of the day

I rest quietly here, as a little boat,

which has been tossed by the waves

and buffeted by the wind,

rests secure in a sheltered harbor.

Here my projects lose their power over me.

A healing process begins.

My fragmented self is reassembled,

and I am made whole again.

In your presence, I experience my true worth,

which consists not in doing but in being.

I surrender myself into your hands.  I am at peace.

This weekend we begin signups for Summer Gatherings.  I hope you will take time to learn more about the Sacrament of Reconciliation or as some have learned to call it, confession, or penance.  If you are not able to make all three nights come to the ones that you can.  We have two excellent presenters.

Last weekend youth from our parish attended the Steubenville Conference in Springfield, Mo.  Last year I had the opportunity to attend the Conference and was happy to see how much our youth get out of it.  Soon we will have our garage sale.  The proceeds earned from this sale help our youth attend the Steubenville Conference or other youth offerings like Camp Savio or the National Catholic Youth Conference.  I hope you will support our youth by bringing items for the sale and/or making purchases.

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