Happy Easter!

Welcome to all who join us for this Easter celebration.  Our hope is that you always feel welcome here.  There are many people who have worked hard to provide beautiful liturgies during Lent and Holy Week.  There is an African wisdom that says, “It takes a village to raise a child.”  In the church, I find that it takes everyone in the parish to have a good parish.

Here at Holy Spirit Parish it takes a lot of people to make these good liturgies happen.  We have many people who are involved in our music ministry.  They practice so that our liturgies can come alive.  Parishioners come to decorate the church and this means preparing the church for Holy Thursday and then making the changes for our Good Friday service.  Then they come Saturday morning to decorate for Easter.

There are many lectors who prepare for the services, Communion Ministers who assist in distributing the Body and Blood of Christ, and servers who help with the different aspect of the liturgies.  We have two wonderful deacons who give us thoughtful homilies.  Our ushers help people find a place to be seated and contribute to the flow of the liturgy.  Our greeters make people feel welcome.  Then there are the people who keep our church clean.  The people who keep our grounds looking so nice.  It does take a lot of people to make these liturgies happen.  Our liturgies only get better when everyone gives a full, active, and conscious participation in these liturgies.

And I have only talked about one aspect of our parish life.  There is also the outreach we do to our fellow parishioners, to people in the community and to people around the world.  There is the education and formation we provide our children and the adults of our parish.  There are the activities we have that bring us together and help strengthen our community.  I am grateful for our parish and the people who give of their time, talent and treasure so these wonderful things can happen.

I would also like to thank Reed Lange.  Reed is a Boy Scout in our parish who just finished his Eagle Scout project.  Reed has put stations of the cross in our prayer garden, located by our chapel.  They look very good and I appreciate the work Reed did to organize this project.


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