Week of May 7, 2017

During mass some years ago, a priest was using the penitential rite for the blessing of people with holy water.  As he began the rite, the priest realized that the sacramentary (the book we now refer to as the Roman Missal) had been left in the sacristy.  Without a word, the priest immediately left to retrieve the book in the sacristy.  In the meantime, the little server, not knowing what had happened to Father, picked up the holy water container and went up and down the aisle blessing all the people!  The people were smiling and making the sign of the cross.  When the priest returned, he laughed and said:  “I couldn’t have done a better job myself,’ and continued with the Mass.  In this true story, we readily understand how the little server saw a need and then felt called to do something about it.  The boy had seen this holy action celebrated before – one that reminds us of our baptism – and he was ready to get involved.  On this World Day of Prayer for Vocations, we are reminded, as baptized Catholics and all Christians, that our central vocation is both a call to holiness and to service.  This call is lived in a variety of ways:  as a single person, married, ordained or consecrated person.  In each vocational commitment we are called to be loving and supportive of one another.

Some time during the course of this week I encourage you to pray the following prayer for vocations:

Prayer for Vocations

God, Our Father,

Thank you for your son, Jesus, our Good Shepherd,

who leads us to fullness of life.

By our baptism, we are called by name to continue the mission of Jesus.

Give us the grace to listen with an open heart to the voice of Jesus

and to respond generously with a joyful spirit.

Strengthen the men and women you called to serve through marriage, the single life, the diaconate, priesthood, and consecrated life.

Guide all who are discerning their Christian vocation.

In gratitude we offer this prayer through Jesus and the Holy Spirit, united with you forever. Amen.

This coming Saturday, May 13th, Bill Fox, a member of our parish, will be ordained a transitional deacon.  Bill will also be the deacon at our masses next weekend.  Please keep Bill in your prayers.

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