Week of July 23, 2017

Bishop Johnston is encouraging us to support a pro-life initiative currently under consideration in the Missouri Senate.  Please see the message sent from the chancery below.

House Committee Substitute for Senate Bill 5 (HCS SB 5)

Please prayerfully consider contacting your State Senator to ask him or her to support passage of HCS SB 5.  You can do this by simply clicking on the “Take Action” button or link in the MCC Action Alert below.  This is the updated version of Senate Bill 5 (SB5) that was originally passed on June 15th and sent to the House last week.  The House subsequently amended the bill with additional protections and then sent it back to the Senate for this current vote.

There are some claims in the media that this legislation would result in women who use birth control, who have had an abortion, or who are pregnant out of wedlock to be fired or evicted from their homes.  This is not the case.  In fact, the opposite is true – the legislation is intended to prevent individuals and organizations who do not have the best interests of women and families in mind from further forcing their pro-abortion agenda on the people of our state.

If you are interested in further developing your public policy advocacy skills, here is a link to the House vote on HCS SB 5.  Start by finding out who your House Member is, then take a look at the Contacting Elected Officials page on the Respect Life Office website for tips.  If your House Member voted, “Yea”, thank him or her.  If he or she voted, “Nay”, …what a wonderful opportunity to start honing your own ”missionary discipleship” skills!

As the U.S. Senate considers health care legislation, the U.S. Catholic Bishops have offered some general principles to consider. The four principles relate to affordability, health care access for all, respect for human life and honoring rights of conscience.  In next week’s bulletin, you will find the letter that came from the Bishop’s Conference regarding the health care legislation.  I encourage you to read it.

As you are reading this bulletin I am hopefully in Maine visiting my sister and her family.  Once again, I am grateful to Fr. Healy for covering the last two weekends for me.  Last weekend I survived the Steubenville Youth Conference in Springfield, Mo.  As tired as I was when I woke up last Monday, I must say how impressed I am with our youth who traveled to this Conference.  It was good to be with them.  They give me hope for the future of our Church and our country.

Next weekend we have a Dominican Priest presiding at the masses and making an appeal for their missionary effort.  I will be back to the parish on August 3rd.

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