Week of March 4, 2018

A Stewardship Prayer for March

Lord Jesus,

We journey with you this Lenten season,

through prayer, fasting and almsgiving,

Ever closer to Jerusalem,

ever closer to your death on the cross.

We hear your words:

“Deny yourself,

take up your cross

and follow me.”

But we are unsure of their meaning,

or anxious about their true intent.

Through the power of your Spirit,

Give us the strength

To deny the “self”

That keeps us from being good stewards

Of those who need our love and compassion.

Give us a deeper awareness of the cross in our own lives

so that we may embrace it and join our sufferings with yours and a world in need of your redemption.

And give us the confidence to follow you

no matter the cost;

knowing that if we die with you,

we will also live with you

and eternally rejoice in your resurrection.

We humbly ask this of you

who live and reign with the Father

and the Holy Spirit,

one God, forever and ever.


St. Margaret of Scotland Parish is having their Communal Reconciliation Service Monday, March 5th, at 7:00 PM.

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