Week of May 20, 2018

We welcome Fr. Fox as our celebrant for the 10:30 a.m. mass this Sunday.  He has been practicing all week for this.  People have been asking me where his first assignment as a priest will be.  As I write this I have no idea where he will be assigned.  He doesn’t have any idea either.  Wherever he goes he is going with a positive attitude looking forward to living his vocation as a priest.  Congratulations Fr. Fox.  We wish you the very best.  Our Church will be blessed by your ministry.

This weekend we celebrate Pentecost Sunday.  Below is an excerpt from Mary McGlone’s commentary on this Solemnity.

Luke’s rendition of the Pentecost story gives an overview of the Acts of the Apostles and the mission of the Church.  It relates how the Spirit can enable disciples to touch hearts and build communities of faith among people all over the world.  The Spirit who enflames disciples reveals how, as Gabriel had told Mary at the beginning of Luke’s Gospel, nothing is impossible for God.

Today, we are invited to join with the disciples who gathered in Jerusalem after Jesus’ return to the Father.  The world around them seemed to be the same as it had been two months before, but they were different enough to allow themselves to be set on fire by God’s Spirit.  If they had not been open to God’s goading Spirit, Christianity would have died at its birth.  Instead, they carried the message of God’s relentless love throughout the world and for 2,000 years others have continued to carry it forth.

The readings present Pentecost as, what I would call, the “Feast of Limitless Possibilities.”  Pentecost challenges us to ask ourselves if we are courageous enough to harbor the open-ended expectations demanded of anyone who prays, “Lord, send out your Spirit, and renew the face of the earth.”  The feast asks if we are generous enough to give ourselves to spreading the fire of God’s love in a world as needy as it has ever been.

We have been promised the Spirit who can renew the face of the earth.  When we invite that Spirit into our world, we must do it with our whole heart or not at all.  God is goading us, but we have to decide if we are willing to carry fire.  (Taken from Celebration)

Next weekend we will have a blessing for our graduates.  They will be moving into new challenges.  I pray that the Holy Spirit will be with them and help them to be Christ for others wherever they are and whatever they do.

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