Week of June 17, 2018

Father’s Day
Father’s Day Blessing:  The following prayer may be used with the table blessing.  All may stretch out their hands over the father in a gesture of blessing.

May God, who gives life on earth and in heaven,

lead you to walk by the light of faith

and so help your children attain the good things

Christ has promised us. Amen

The following prayer may also be appropriate:

God our Father,

in your wisdom and love you made all things.

Bless our father.

Let the example of his faith and love shine forth.

Grant that we, his family,

may honor him always

with a spirit of profound respect.

Grant this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

(Taken from Catholic Household Blessings & Prayers)

Priests Retreat June 18 – 22
This week the priests of our diocese will be meeting at Conception Abbey for our annual priest retreat.  We will have Communion Services on Wednesday & Friday this week.

Reception for Ann’s Retirement
June 24th, after 10:30 mass we will celebrate Ann’s service to our Church.  We have been blessed by her ministry and we ask God to bless Ann in her retirement.

Summer Gatherings:
Mark your calendar for our summer gatherings on July 30, 31, & August 1.  Our theme for this year is: A Modern Look at Prayer.  The purpose of this series is to help individuals understand the role and purpose of prayer in the Christian Spiritual Journey.

Reflection on Today’s Gospel
The parable of the growing seed identifies a mystery that even through advances in science growers understand the process of germination, but still do not understand fully how this happens, nor can they control this process. They cannot sprout grain a day before its appointed time. They must be patient and trust.

So, too, must we be made ready for the kingdom of heaven by growing in holiness and virtue. The kingdom of God is not a human achievement, it is divine work.  (Taken from NPM)

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