Monthly Archives: April 2019

Week of May 5th, 2019

Today we witness the scene of Jesus’ last earthly meal and encounter with his disciples… Although this story sounds like one of the simplest in John’s Gospel, it is full of symbolism.  Seven disciples decide to go fishing…At dawn, the risen Jesus appeared on the shore…He asked his disciples if they had any success.  In […]

Week of April 28, 2019

The church celebrates divine mercy on the Second Sunday of Easter in part because this Sunday’s Gospel recounts Jesus’ gift of the Spirit to his disciples.  He gave it along with a mission to forgive sins.  The church exercises this gift especially in the sacraments of baptism and reconciliation, but these sacraments are not the […]

Week of April 21, 2019

In his book A Friendship Like No Other, William Barry, SJ contemplates the Resurrected Jesus.  He reminds us that “facing the full impact of Jesus’ humiliating and painful death on the cross is the only way to experience the real joy of the Resurrection.”  In order to be the Messiah he now is, Jesus had […]

Week of April 14, 2019

Today we hear Luke’s account of the Passion of our Lord.  In his reflection for today’s gospel Michael Simone, S.J. points out that total obedience to God does not come naturally to most people, as Luke starkly illustrates.  Divided hearts and loyalties are everywhere in Luke’s narrative.  Only Jesus maintains control of his will until […]

Week of April 7, 2019

There is still time to give up something for Lent! Try one of the following: Give up complaining focus on gratitude. Give up cynicism become an optimist. Give up harsh judgments think kindly thoughts. Give up worry trust in the Lord. Give up discouragement become more hopeful. Give up bitterness turn to forgiveness. Give up […]