Monthly Archives: May 2019

Week of June 2, 2019

Before leaving his Apostles, Jesus commissioned them to preach the Gospel to the whole world.  The task of preaching the Gospel to the world now depends on us.  We are Christ’s witnesses.  But how are we to witness? There is the witness of words. We witness by professing our faith.  This could include explaining it […]

Week of May 26, 2019

Monday, May 27th, is Memorial Day.  We will have mass in the chapel at 8:00 AM. On Sunday, June 2nd, we are having a New Parishioner Brunch.  It is a way to welcome new parishioners and tell them about our parish.  Invitations have been sent out to new parishioners, but there may be some who […]

Week of May 19, 2019

Once upon a time a man planted a fruit tree in a forest.  At first the little fruit tree felt lost in the midst of so many great trees.  The sight of those mighty trees made it feel insignificant.  They were so tall, strong, and useful.  It was so small, weak, and useless.  So what […]

Week of May 12, 2019

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers.  Below is a blessing for mothers.  I encourage you to bless your mother today.  All may stretch out their hands over their mother in a gesture of blessing. Loving God, As a mother gives life and nourishment to her children, so you watch over your Church. Bless our mother. […]