Week of May 26, 2019

Monday, May 27th, is Memorial Day.  We will have mass in the chapel at 8:00 AM.

On Sunday, June 2nd, we are having a New Parishioner Brunch.  It is a way to welcome new parishioners and tell them about our parish.  Invitations have been sent out to new parishioners, but there may be some who are new to our parish and have not had an opportunity to register yet.  Please consider yourselves invited.  The brunch happens after the 10:30 AM Mass.

Below is a reflection by Flor McCarthy on today’s Scripture readings.

Some people have a lot of anger inside them with the result that they lack peace of mind and serenity of soul.  But other people have an inner peace, and what a difference it makes to their lives.

Two neighbors, James and John, were plowing in adjacent fields.  The ground was hard and stony, and a hot sun beat down on them.  James was in a black mood.  He lashed out at the horse with his whip.  However, the beatings only had the effect of making the horse more stubborn and uncooperative.  James was convinced that his neighbor’s wheat would grow taller than his.  And every time he looked across at him he got the impression that he was laughing at him.

John, on the other hand, was in a calm mood.  He worked quietly and well, in spite of pains and aches.  Every now and then he stopped to give his horse a rest.  He looked across at his neighbor and saw that he was in a very agitated state.  He would have liked to help him, but he knew that when he was like this it was better to leave him alone.

The difference between the two neighbors was not in the outer circumstances of their lives but in their inner states of their minds.  We see the world and other people, not as they are, but as we are.  John enjoyed inner peace and serenity.  James was in a state of inner turmoil.  Nothing is a greater obstacle to being on good terms with others than being ill-at-ease with oneself.

Jesus comes to bring us life and to liberate us from ourselves.  He calms our fears and heals our anguish and hatreds, thus enabling us to look at the world with a still heart and an open soul.

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