Week of January 5, 2020

Today we celebrate the Epiphany of the Lord.  Magi come from the East seeking the newborn king of the Jews.  In her reflection on today’s Gospel Mary McGlone asks the question, “Who are these Magi and why did Matthew tell us about them?”

They were religious seekers who didn’t have the Hebrew Scriptures to guide them…The chief priests and scribes could tell the Magi where to look, but they lacked the curiosity to follow their own interpretation of Scripture.

The Magi themselves were pilgrims who were obviously well-educated and sufficiently wealthy.  They were open enough to look beyond the limits of their own wisdom.  They were so hungry for more meaning in life that they went to a foreign land and consulted the wisdom of an alien tradition…

In the end, Matthew simply says, “They departed for their country by another way.”  That’s another way of telling us they were not the same as they had been when they set off on the journey…The star they followed called them beyond the familiar and led them to a simple family…

Matthew included this incident in his Gospel to nudge his people into realizing that while the mystery of Christ began with the chosen people, the Gospel is meant for the entire world…

We follow the Magi and gaze beyond our horizons, toward new respect and openness to others who genuinely seek to know God.  This will prepare us for the coming year in which the Scriptures and our Catholic tradition, Matthew and Pope Francis will call us again to respond and look for the Christ in unexpected places.
(Taken from National Catholic Reporter)

How are we open to the wisdom of Scripture and our Catholic tradition?  Our Christmas book give-away, A Well-built Faith, is one way to deepen our understanding of our Catholic tradition.

I am very grateful for all of the cards, gifts, and food I received for Christmas.  Your kindness and generosity always amazes me.  Thank you.

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